Workplace Mediation – Mebourne

Mediation provides enterprises with a speedy and effective means of dealing with situations like workplace bullying and harassment and avoiding always expensive, sometimes crippling, litigation. Litigation can be a lottery – judges are not infallible.

Charles Cody has conducted mediations in a wide range of commercial disputes since 1998  throughout Melbourne and surrounding regional areas. He has conducted mediations in:

  • Workplace bullying allegations;
  • Workplace termination of employment disputes;
  • Restraints of trade disputes;
  • Family business disputes; and
  • Franchising disputes.

Charles is an accredited mediator under the National Mediator Accreditation System through the Law Institute of Victoria and has vast experience as a member of the Office of the Franchising Mediation Adviser panel of mediators and the Law Institute of Victoria’s panel of mediators.

Charles has also been active in promoting mediation through workshops and seminars. His paper on the mediation provisions of the Franchising Code, “Effective Dispute Resolution for Franchising – Despite the Code” was published in the Franchising Law and Policy Review (1998).